York – Shipley Global

York-Shipley Global provides one of the most diverse offering of packaged firetube boiler assemblies, together with ancillary boiler room equipment, for an integrated systems approach toward virtually any industrial process.

York-Shipley Global is recognized as a renowned world-class manufacturer of various packaged firetube boiler designs. Boiler capacities are available in numerous configurations from 20 to 2,200 BHP, at standard design pressures of 15 to 300 PSIG, whether an application requires a packaged firetube boiler assembly in a dry-back or water-back configuration, employing 2-, 3- or 4-pass flue gas flow arrangements or a custom heat recovery steam generation assembly, in a single- to 4-pass design.

York-Shipley Global versatility in design and manufacturing is respected and acknowledged as being of utmost quality, delivering high performance, efficiency and long life cycle service in industrial, commercial and institutional facilities worldwide.