York Shipley Firetube Boilers

The York Shipley Global Series 400C and 500C three- and four-pass dry-back design accommodates moderate BTUH/CF (Mcal/m³) volumetric furnace heat release rates in comparison to competitive dry-back configurations. The centerline furnace construction reduces vessel thermal stresses.

York-Shipley Global dry-back boilers employ a completely submerged self cleaning centerline furnace which permits for scale formation from water bound solids to drift to the bottom of the boiler for removal during blowdown procedures. The flue gas ‘down-draft’ design forces hot gases through the lower part of the boiler where cooler water accumulates. Fire-side and water-side access is readily provided. Top longitudinal level service platform ensures safe and secure access, while bottom longitudinal inspection trough ensures unencumbered visual access.

Features & Benefits

  • Centerline furnace design
  • Flue gas downdraft design
  • Easy service access