Kunkle Valve Model 230, 330, 330S, and 333S Gas Relief Valves

ASME Section VIII, Gas, “UV” National Board Certified. PED certified for non-hazardous gas.

  • Improved Soft Seat option – provides repeatable leak-tight performance before and after each relief cycle. Allows for reduced maintenance costs, multiple cycles with tight shut-off, and improved seating integrity (Models 330, 330S, and 333S).
  • Lightweight aluminum construction. Resistant to environmental and internal corrosion.
  • Model 230 (non-code) is direct spring-loaded design with synthetic disc insert.
  • Model 330 series incorporates a differential mechanism which maintains a predetermined seat-contact load.
  • The full spring load is never imparted to synthetic disc insert (models 330, 330S, and 333S only).
  • Seat tightness increases to a maximum as inlet pressure approaches the opening pressure.
  • Each Kunkle valve is tested and inspected for pressure setting and leakage.
Kunkle Valve