Penn Separator Blowoff Tanks

Penn Blowoff tanks come standard ASME Code Sec. VIII, Div.1 designed and stamped for 50 psig at 450 deg. F. and are of a welded construction from 3/8″ thick carbon steel materials. A blowdown tangential inlet with stainless steel wear plate, water overflow outlet which extends to within 6″ of the bottom of the tank, a 3/4″ siphon shall be located in the top portion of the outlet pipe and atmospheric steam vent. The tank would be supported by a set of four angle legs with floor pads. 36″ diameter and smaller tanks include couplings for inspection ports and larger tanks include a manway. A level gauge, thermometer, and pressure gauge can also be supplied as an option.

Features & Benefits

  • stainless steel striking plate
  • tangential inlet
  • multiple sizes for any capacity
Penn Separator Corp.