Cash Valve K Series Back Pressure Valve

High capacity angle bypass regulators or back pressure control valves with models for pressures to 1500 psig (103.4 barg) and capacities to 200 gallons per minute (757 l/min.).

Features & Benefits

  • Rugged, simple design enables complete disassembly on-line for easy maintenance and repair.
  • Smooth, quiet performance.
  • Fitted with female threaded connections, bottom inlet, side outlet; valves may be operated in any position.
  • Closing cap over the top adjusting screw discourages unauthorized tampering with the set pressure and seals against leakage.
  • Can be used to maintain a constant pressure differential.
  • Type K-5C fitted with a silicone rubber seat disc to provide tight shut-off.
  • Type K-10 balanced piston design is substantially unaffected by pressures or pressure changes in the outlet lines, assuring constant control over pump discharge pressure.
  • K-10/K-15 feature a long pressure spring to provide maximum sensitivity.
  • K-15 has a replaceable stainless steel seat and piston providing longer valve life at minimal cost.
Cash Valve