Leslie Controls Magnum Piston Actuators / DPS Electro-Pneumatic Positioner

Magnum Series piston actuators use low volume and long stroke to maximize bleed and feed rates. Externally mounted spring return modules minimize residual volume and maximize speed of response. This low volume translates into high speed of response.

Leslie’s DPS positioner, derived from Leslie’s patented PMC electro-pneumatic controller technology, provides ultra-fast, stable response using a pulse modulated output and a non-mechanical, optical/digital stem position feedback.

The DPS positioner supplies a digitally controlled pneumatic output (up to 12 SCFM – 60psi supply) and uses a non-contact, direct connected optical reader. With no mechanical feedback linkages to loosen or wear, accuracy and repeatability do not degrade over time.

When mounted on an Aeroflow high gain control valve with a 6″ Magnum actuator, stroke speed can exceed 3″ per second. You read it right, 3″ per second – with no overshoot.

Leslie Controls