Cash Valve Type G-4 Pressure Regulators

A self-actuating pilot operated pressure reducing valve handling air, gas and steam and accurate to within ½% up to 3″ and 1% for sizes to 6”.

Features & Benefits

  • Extremely compact design enables use of a smaller regulator.
  • Constant outlet pressure up to the valve’s maximum rated capacity regardless of changes in flow rate or inlet pressure.
  • Very high flow rates due to the main valve assembly’s full lift capability valve body design.
  • Positive shut-off ensured by accurate guiding of the pilot and main valve assemblies. Non-metallic trims available for dead tight shut-off on air and gas applications.
  • Pilot valve component parts interchangeability simplifies maintenance and allows greater spare parts flexibility.
  • Available in bronze, cast iron and steel construction to allow for pressures up to 600 psi and temperatures up to 800°F.
  • Specially prepared parts kits enable simple routine servicing or complete overhauls.
Cash Valve