Leslie Controls BP, BPC, RTP and DTP Constant Temperature Pilot Controllers

Leslie constant temperature pilot controllers deliver an air signal to a control valve or other control element in response to a change in sensed temperature.

They are available with a bi-metallic thermal element or a factory-sealed liquid-filled bulb. Both types are shock resistant, corrosion resistant and highly reliable

Liquid-filled thermo-element types convert temperature to a proportional pneumatic signal which is used to operate a control valve. These units are available with adjustable proportional band and optional calibrated dials in Fahrenheit or Celsius. Sensing range is 20°F to 400°F (-7°C to 205°C).

The bi-metallic sensing element types are widely employed in heating or cooling service. Bi-metallic pilot controllers respond to minute changes in sensed temperature and provide accurate stable control. They are unaffected by moisture or oil in the air supply. Sensing range is 32°F to 600°F (0°C to 315°C).

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