Leslie Controls Class DOT, 3-Way Control Valves

The Leslie Class DOT cage throttling, 3-Way control valves provide easy maintenance and increase valve stability and trim life. Spring loaded TeflonĀ® chevron stem packing eliminates the need for periodic adjustment. The DOT features a one-piece body eliminating the conventional tail piece and extra gasketed joint. Common applications include the circulation of water, oil, sea water, or other liquids in heating/cooling systems where there is a heat exchanger bypass control. They can also be used in blending systems and on/off selector systems.

Features & Benefits

  • 1/2 – 12″ Valve Sizes
  • Cv Range: 5 – 1078
  • ANSI CL 125 – 600, DIN PN10 – 100
  • End Conn.: RF, SWE, THD
  • Body Mat’l: Cast Iron, Bronze, WCB, CF8M
Leslie Controls