Marlo Incorporated Transfer Pump Skids – MPS Series

The Marlo ‘MPS’ Series Transfer Pump Skid is offered to complement our other water treatment equipment to offer you a more integrated system. The standard product platform is designed for general water transfer such as inlet water pressure boosting and RO water transfer from a storage tank.

The skid can be customized to fit other applications including recirculation loops, filter backwash water supply, and liquid brine transfer to water softening systems. A wide variety of equipment options are also available to best suit your project.

All pump skids are furnished completely factory skid mounted, pre-piped, pre-wired, and factory tested for minimal installation time and cost.

Features & Benefits

  • Duplex pumps for redundancy (2 x 100%)
  • Automatic on/off capability
  • Pre-wired pump motor starter panel
  • Fused power disconnect switch
  • NEMA-4 electrical enclosure
  • Pump discharge check valves & pressure gauges
  • Isolation valves for each pump
  • Panel mounted operator lights and switches


Marlo Incorporated