Marlo Incorporated MHC Series Water Softener

The Marlo ‘MHC’ Series is designed for large industrial applications. Individual tank capacity ranges from 1,200,000 grain to 5,400,000 grain with continuous flow rates of 100-1,150 GPM. Single tank, multi-tank parallel, twin alternating, and triple alternating systems are available with a wide variety of timer and water meter controllers.

Features & Benefits

  • Epoxy lined and prime exterior finished carbon steel pressure vessels. Non-ASME construction with 100 psig working pressure.
  • High capacity, sulfonated polystyrene cation exchange resin in sodium-form.
  • Galvanized steel face-piping assembly with cast iron, normally-open, “Y” pattern diaphragm control valves. Filters with service piping 6″ and larger utilize flanged carbon steel face-piping and double-acting butterfly service control valves.
  • Pilot stager valve controller for automatic regeneration operation. Pre-wired in a NEMA-4X enclosure with an adjustable timeclock for regeneration initiation.
  • Self-adjusting flow control to maintain accurate backwash rates.
  • Pressure-compensated brine injector for correct brine flow and concentration.
  • PVC media-retaining underdrain distribution system in either hub-radial or header-lateral configurations for minimal pressure drop and proper regeneration.
  • Rigid, polyethylene or FRP brine tanks with wet-salt storage and water re-fill valves
Marlo Incorporated