Penn Separator Flash Separators

Penn Flash Separators use a tangential inlet and cyclonic action to instantly separate steam and condensate. Our Flash separators are smaller in size and more efficient then traditional flash tanks. Because of the unique smaller size they are less expensive then traditional flash tanks. The clean steam can be returned to a lower pressure saving valuable BTU’s and makeup water. Return on investment can be in a matter of weeks. Easy to use flash steam and selector charts assure proper sizing of a Flash Separator for your condensate requirements. Special tank designs are also available. Penn Separator has over forty years of experience building pressure vessels to ASME Code. All Penn Flash Separators are constructed to the ASME Code Sec. VIII.

Features & Benefits

  • SMALLER SIZE. Replaces Larger Flash Tanks
  • SAVES MONEY. Returns Valuable BTU’s in Flash Seam
  • PRE-ENGINEERED DESIGN. Convenient Charts for Easy Selection
  • QUALITY CONSTRUCTION. Built to the ASME Code Sec. VIII. Div. 1
Penn Separator Corp.