Penn Separator Inline Entrainment Separators

Penn Inline Separators create a centrifugal spinning action that separates out liquid entrainment droplets in steam, air, or other gases. Each are Inline type designed to fit in existing piping.

The most efficient type is our “T” type design. The downward tangential inlet directs the flow to the outside walls of the vessel creating a low pressure votex area that the clean flow follows to the centrally located outlet. Our PuC cone provides additional centrifugal force necessary to wring out the smaller droplets. The cone also provides a space where entrainment droplets fall harmlessly from the stream minimizing reentrainment. The open flow design keeps pressure loss low.

Features & Benefits

  • Tangential Inlet – to improve separator efficiency
  • Vortex Finder – picks up clean dry gases
  • Penn Cone – maximizes separation of liquid and gas
  • Drain Baffle – Minimizes re-entrainment
Penn Separator Corp.