Leslie Controls L Series Internal Pilot, Piston-Operated 1/2″ – 3″ ANSI Class 125-600 Reducing Valves and LX Series Differential Pressure Regulators

1/2 – 3″ Valve Sizes • End Conn.: THD, SWE, BWE, RF • ANSI CL 125 – 600 • Body Mat’l: Cast Iron (LKY), WCB (LS-5), Bronze (LY)

General Pressure Reduction and Regulation Service Leslie L Series internal pilot, piston operated reducing valves provide a high degree of accuracy over the entire flow range and a widely adjustable reduced pressure range. Single-seated, with a fully-guided main stem that closes with inlet pressure, this valve demonstrates superior ability for tight shut-off. L Series valves are available with Teflon® self-cleaning piston seal or metal piston rings. Differential Pressure Service Leslie LX Series differential pressure regulators maintain a constant differential between the air, gas or steam pressure passing through the regulator, and any other liquid or gas pressure whose relationship to the regulator outlet pressure should be a constant. The differential is maintained regardless of operating variation. LX Series regulators are adjustable to a differential pressure range of 5 psi to 40 psi. All valves in this series provide this differential range, without changing springs or diaphragms. These differential pressure regulators are available in the same sizes and ratings at the “L” Series reducing valves.

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