StraVal RVL20-TC Tri-Clamp Sanitary Relief Valve 1-1/2-2”

Use these valves for emergency relief for liquids, gases or clean steam where pressures must be relieved quickly to reduce damage that could result from overpressure in a sanitary piping system. Where the overpressure needs to be controlled more gradually ,such as in back pressure or bypass applications use our Back-pressure/Bypass valves which will reduce the probability of pressure spikes that often occur when relief valves are selected for pressure control applications. Valve should only be used selectively where the materials chosen are compatible with the fluid used and will not cause solidification or crystallization which could keep the valve from opening properly to relieve overpressure in the system. Use only clean, strained, or filtered liquids or gases so that the valve can operate without buildup of debris or solid matter which can cause the valve to malfunction. A strainer or filter with the appropriate perf or mesh and pressure rating can be purchased from Straval. Although this type of relief valve normally discharges to atmosphere, the valve can discharge to some minimal elevated pressures, but would require the pressure adjustment to be compensated due to the additional spring load.

Features & Benefits

  • Body & Spring Chamber: material is polished 316L stainless steel.
  • Diaphragm: Standard Diaphragm is PTFE lined toward the product side, with Viton on the nonwetted, air side. Rated for 150 psi max pressure.For very low pressures, a more flexible all Viton or all Buna diaphragm is available and is recommended.
  • V-Band Clamp: All 300 series stainless steel rated for 800 psi
  • Right-angle porting: Standard construction is side inlet, bottom outlet as illustrated. When the valve is rotated 90 deg with the inlet connection facing down, the valve becomes self draining
  • Internal surfaces: 20RA is standard with electro-polishing available as an option. see pricing pages