Leslie Controls LAP, LAPB, LAUP, LAUPB, LA, LAB, LAU and LAUB Leslie-Levelmatic Liquid Level Pilot Controllers

Leslie-Levelmatic pilot controllers use a simple, stable, floatless differential pressure sensing principle. They require only two simple connections to the vessel (open or closed). Standard units come in two sensing ranges: 0 to 36 inches and 0 to 200 inches(H20). Normal operating pressure is 10-22 psi. Static pressure on the sensing diaphragm can be anywhere within the range of 30″ Hg vacuum to 300 psig. Options include fixed or proportional band.

Features & Benefits

  • 3 – 15 Psig Output
  • Fixed or Proportional Band
  • Bi-Metallic or Liquid Filled Temperature Element
Leslie Controls