Leslie Controls LTC Duo-Matic Regulators for both Temperature and Pressure Regulation

Leslie Series LTC Duo-Matic Regulator design combines both temperature and pressure regulation in a single, self-contained regulator. Ideal for both instantaneous and storage heating where a maximum pressure limitation is mandatory and compressed air is not available.

Because the Leslie Duo-Matic responds to pressure changes as well as temperature changes, and because the two parameters are interdependent, these regulators actually anticipate a change in controlled temperature by sensing a pressure shift.

Features & Benefits

  • 1/2 – 3″ Valve Sizes
  • End Conn.: THD, RF
  • ANSI CL 125 – 600
  • Body Mat’l: Cast Iron (LTCPK), WCB (LTCPS), Bronze (LTCP)
Leslie Controls