Leslie Controls Model GPK, GPB, GPS & GPSS Air-Loaded 1/2″ – 4″ ANSI Class 125-300 Pressure Reducing Valves

Air-Loaded Pressure Reducing Valves • 1/2 – 4″ Valve Sizes • End Conn.: THD, SWE, BWE, RF • ANSI CL 125 – 300 • Body Mat’l: Cast Iron (GPK), WCB (GPS), CF8M (GPSS), Bronze (GPB)

Leslie GP Series valves are air-loaded versions of the Super G Series valves. They provide all the advantages inherent in the Super G Series and allow set point changes in seconds with the adjustment of a simple air loader. These valves can be set remotely from an air loading panel. Combined with the Leslie PMC-1 controller, the GP series valve provides a temperature control loop with built-in cascading action for faster, more stable response to load changes. The packless, self-contained design provides low hysteresis and inherently “leakless” performance.

Leslie Controls