StraVal RVA-05 Stainless Steel Economy Atmospheric Discharge Relief Valve

This is a compact economy gas valve which is normally used for air or gases such as nitrogen, hydrogen and other gases which can be safely discharged to atmosphere. Do not use on steam or other hot or dangerous exhaust gases or liquids unless the valve is properly shielded or contained in an enclosure to prevent injury to nearby operators or personnel passing by . It is best to select a different model where the discharge can be safely piped away. Please refer to our In-Line Relief Valve (Model Rvi-05) which has the extra threaded pipe connections to discharge . To make sure the valves are protected from dirt and debris which might clog the valve, a strainer with a fine wire mesh should be installed before the inlet of the valve. In-line strainer fittings or basket strainers can be purchased from Straval to help solve this problem.

Features & Benefits

  • Body: Standard materials are stainless steel, brass, and PVC (below 35 psi).
  • Poppet: Stainless Steel and Brass are standard.
  • Spring: Standard construction is Stainless Steel, even when used with Brass body.
  • Lock nut: Standard construction is Stainless Steel, even when used with a Brass body.
  • Elastomeric seal: Bubble-tight seal is achieved with standard elastomers such as Buna, Viton, and EPDM & Kalrez. Teflon (PTFE) being a harder material, will not seal to the same degree as the softer elastomers, and less than a bubble tight seal is to be expected.
  • Tamper-proof construction: This valve is not externally adjustable & requires removal of the valve to change the pressure setting.
  • Adjustable pressure relief valve can be factory-set or adjusted in the field. Springs can be changed to achieve a different pressure range.