StraVal RVT-05 Stainless Steel 3 Port Pressure Relief Valve

This is a multi-port relief valve for gases and liquids with two in-line pressure ports and one outlet port discharging through the bottom of the valve as illustrated. This relief valve or control valve can also be used as a bypass valve or back pressure valve to maintain or control a specified line pressure. Since the outlet pressure port is relatively smaller than the inlet or pressure ports, the effect of any back pressure on the outlet side will have almost no effect on the pressure balance of the valve. Valve should only be used selectively where the materials chosen are compatible with the fluid used and will not cause corrosive buildup or crystallization in the close clearances between the piston and body bore, which could keep the poppet from opening freely. Use only clean, strained, or filtered liquids or gases so that the valve can operate without buildup of debris or solid matter which can cause the valve to malfunction. A strainer with the appropriate material and pressure rating can be purchased from Straval.

Features & Benefits

  • Pressure-containing parts made from solid bar stock materials — unlike castings which have wall thickness variations.
  • Body and poppet: Standard materials are Stainless Steel and Brass. Teflon is also available for low pressures.
  • Piston seal: Viton with stainless steel is standard. Choice of different elastomers including brass, Teflon, Kalrez (Dupont), and Parfluor (Parker) expands valve usage to a wide range of applications and fluids. Choice of elastomer determines final temperature limitation.
  • Spring chamber and spring: These and related parts are non-wetted. Standard construction is carbon steel which can be upgraded to stainless steel in harsher chemical and marine environments.
  • In-line pressure ports NPT with bottom outlet as illustrated. BSP threads, ANSI, and sanitary flanges are also available.