StraVal BPS05-TC Sanitary Tri-Clamp Flange Back Pressure Bypass Valve

This is a direct-acting pressure-reducing valve with an adjustable spring operating against a flexible elastomeric diaphragm subjected to the reduced outlet pressure of the valve.

This valve is used for medium flow applications. See flow Cv listed in pricing section. Unlike the PRS09-TC-V there is no piston seal with this model. Therefore, this model can operate with very low pressure differences between inlet and outlet.

This valve can be used for many fluids, clean steam, air & gases, and various products used in the food processing and pharmaceutical industry. Only clean, filtered, or strained solids free liquids and gases should be used for best operation of the valve. A strainer or filter, depending on the degree of contamination, should be installed before the inlet of the valve. Sanitary strainers or filters can be purchased from Straval to provide some degree of protection.

Features & Benefits

  • Body and Tri-Clamp Flanges: Standard material is 316 Stainless Steel manufactured from bar stock and can be offered with a 20RA mechanical finish, with an optional electroplished finish.(Also See Sanitary Relief Model)
  • Poppet- 316SS: Stainless steel, metal seated is standard, but can be offered with a Teflon seat.
  • Elastomeric Seal: Choice of different elastomers including Viton, EPDM, Teflon, Kalrez etc, expands valve usage to a wide range of applications and fluids. Choice of elastomers determines final temperature limitation.
  • Spring Chamber: standard construction is a 300 series stainless steel, as the product does not in contact with it. It can also be supplied in type 316 Stainless steel.
  • Right Angle Porting: Standard construction is bottom inlet, side outlet.
  • Self-Draining: Valve is self-draining with the poppet in the open position.
  • No Pipe threads in contact with the media: Prevents accumulation of contaminants