StraVal RVC-05-NPT Stainless Steel High Pressure Relief Valve (Liquid & Gas)

Use these valves for emergency relief where pressures must be relieved quickly to reduce damage that could result from overpressure in a system. Where the overpressure needs to be controlled more gradually ,such as in back pressure or pump bypass applications use our Back-pressure/Bypass valves which will reduce the probability of pressure spikes that often occur when relief valves are selected for pressure control applications. Standard metal seated valves meet ANSI/FCI Class IV seat leakage standards (0.01% of rated valve capacity, not bubble tight).

Features & Benefits

  • Pressure-containing parts of our safety relief valve are made from solid bar stock materials — unlike castings which have wall thickness variations.
  • High-pressure valve body: Stainless Steel valve standard materials are Stainless Steel.Special alloys (e.g. Monel, titanium, Alloy 20, and Hastelloy) are also available. For low-pressure relief service, <75 PSI, see this accurate relief valve (model RVi20)
  • Poppet: 303SS or 316SS Stainless steel is standard on every high-pressure valve.
  • Elastomeric Poppet seal: Viton for stainless steel valves is standard. Choice of elastomers (e.g. Teflon, Kalrez, Parfluor, Buna, and EPDM) expands relief valve usage to a wide range of applications for fluids and gases. Selection of elastomer usually determines final temperature limitation of the relief valve.
  • Metal Seats or Soft Seats: Metal seats are available for liquid service at all pressures and soft seats for gas service at limited pressures. See pricing pages for availability.
  • Spring chamber: Standard construction is carbon steel because it is non-wetted; can upgrade to stainless steel when the external environment is corrosive or sanitary.
  • Right-angle valve porting: Standard construction is bottom inlet, side outlet with NPT pipe threads. Special threads and ANSI or sanitary flanges are also available.