StraVal PRS-07I Stainless Steel Low Pressure, In-Line Pressure Regulator

This is a direct-acting diaphragm pressure-reducing valve (most often referred to as a pressure regulator) with an adjustable spring operating against a flexible elastomeric diaphragm subjected to the reduced outlet pressure of the valve which is controlled through an internal sensing port. This makes the valve an accurate pressure-sensing valve, or pressure-control valve used to control outlet pressures with a wide range of inlet pressures.

Unlike unbalanced diaphragm pressure-reducing valves, this pressure valve is a balanced inlet design and will work quite well on applications where the inlet pressure will fluctuate widely and will have little effect on outlet pressure. The valve will operate in a vertical orientation as illustrated, horizontal, or any other orientation.

This valve can be used for non-corrosive or mildly corrosive fluids including steam, depending on the materials selected. See material display notes in pricing section to help select materials. Use only clean, strained or filtered fluids to keep the pressure-regulating valve operating at maximum efficiency without clogging. Use our Stra-Val in-line strainer fitting model STF-05 or basket strainers SBS-10 or SBV-05 to keep the fluids clean. Use a #20-#40 mesh range as a minimum to keep solids from entering the valve.

Features & Benefits

  • Water pressure regulator and air pressure regulator parts made from solid bar stock materials — unlike castings which have wall thickness variations.
  • Body: Standard valve materials are stainless steel (all sizes)(1/4″-1″ sizes only).
  • Trim: Stainless steel on valve poppet and seat is standard. Teflon sealing option is also available for air or gas service.
  • Teflon-Viton composite reinforced diaphragm is designed for much greater poppet travel. Teflon film on the wetted side provides superior protection when used as a corrosion-resistant valve for a wide range of fluids and gases, chemicals, petroleum products, and steam. Viton is used on the non-wetted side of the diaphragm. Max temperature rating is 350 °F for most applications. Buna backing is available for lower temperature applications
  • In-line valve ports: Simplifies installation for new or existing piping. This water pressure regulator and air pressure regulator valve can also be as a steam pressure regulator. Our pressure-reduction valve is also available as a sanitary valve with sanitary flanges in all-stainless steel construction.
  • Spring chamber: Standard material is carbon steel as it is non-wetted, but can be upgraded to a stainless steel valve when the external environment is corrosive or sanitary.