StraVal RVI-05 Stainless Steel Inline Adjustable Pressure Relief Valve

This valve is normally used for liquids, air, or gases which cannot be safely discharged to atmosphere. Where the discharge can be directed to the atmosphere, please refer to our atmospheric discharge relief valve series. Use only clean filtered or strained liquids or gases. To make sure the valves are protected from dirt and debris which might clog the valve, a strainer with a fine wire mesh should be installed before the inlet of the valve. In-line strainer fittings or basket strainers can be purchased from Stra-Val to solve this problem. Because of its compact design, with the spring and spring hardware directly in the flow stream, this type of valve cannot handle the types of flow rates other, externally adjustable-full flow models, such as the RVC04 or RVC05 can handle, and should not be used where high capacity safety relief is required.

Features & Benefits

  • Pressure-containing parts made from solid bar stock materials — unlike castings which have wall thickness variations.
  • Body: A stainless steel valve is our standard and is available in type 316SS and 303SS. (Special alloys are available to make a Monel valve, Titanium valve, and Hastelloy valve.
  • Piston Valve/Poppet: Type 316 or 303 stainless steel is standard. For very high pressures, hardened stainless steel is available.
  • Piston Seal: Standard elastomers are Viton, PTFE, EPDM, Kalrez & other elastomers are also available.
  • In-line porting is the standard piping arrangement.